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What is the claim filing process like?

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We do everything we can to make receiving your benefits after an accident as simple as possible. 

Try to let us know you've been in an accident as soon as you are able (and no more than 31 days after the accident). To notify us, we will just need an email from you that includes the name of the insured who was in the accident, when the accident occurred (time and date), and the policy number for the policy that was active. 

Once we have been notified, we will email you a claim form to be filled out by you and your doctor.

Your claim form can be emailed back to us after it is completed. If you have copies of your medical bills, please send those in as well. We ask for these because it allows our claims administrator, Crawford and Company, to quickly identify your injuries and what treatment(s) you received. 

Once we have the above documents, we will send all of the information you provide along to Crawford and Company along with your policy details. 

Most of the time, this is all of the information that will be need. However, there is a chance that Crawford and Company will have additional questions. If they do, they will reach out directly. 

Once your claim is approved, Crawford and Company will issue payment to you within 2-5 business days. 

Should you have any questions or issues during the claim process, we are happy to help. While Crawford and Company will be the ones reviewing and approving your claim, we understand that the insurance claims process can be frustrating, and want to make sure we are available to lend a hand wherever is needed. 

To talk to someone on the Buddy team about your claim, you can start a chat here, email us at, or call us at 833-462-8339.

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